Welcome to Development in 24SevenOffice

Our people

In 1997 a brave, trusting and curious team in Porsgrunn had high ambitions and dared to do what had never been done before: developing Europe's first cloud-based ERP system. We strongly believed that our product, as the first of its kind, could improve the way businesses work and empower them for the future. Knowledgeable and committed colleagues has always been our focus and, therefore, we strive to increase each employee's engagement and growth as well as recruit the best talents out there for our 24SevenOffice family. Although 24SevenOffice has grown into an organization with 200 employees worldwide, our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to make 24SevenOffice the best place for personal growth has never changed. Hard work, a strong culture, and a constant curiosity has led us to never settling for the status quo. Consequently, our future looks brighter than ever and we believe that you can take us to the next level!

We are proud to have a low turnover in the Development department and in the 24SevenOffice family in general. As a result, you will work with experienced and highly skilled employees with a high degree of knowledge within our product. At the same time, talents who live out our core values are recruited. We believe the mixture of experienced knowledge and new, creative minds is the key to success. Among other things, 24SevenOffice collaborates with NTNU, offering Internships and Trainee opportunities in the Development Department.

The organizational culture in the Development Department is characterized by each individual person working in the team. The department consists of curious employees who are triggered by challenges and motivated by continuous learning. We believe that collaboration is least as important as individual development, and within these beliefs, mutual respect and supportive behavior emphasize our culture. The flat structure permeates the entire organization, and the high level of trust and responsibility highlights our perception of being an organizational family.

Our Tech

Some of the technologies we use:

  • Backend: C#, .NEt, Typescript, Javascript
  • Front end: ReactJs, Vanilla Js, HTML, CSS, Styled Components
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, NoSQL
  • Events: Azure Service Topics, Rabbit MQ, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, Ably (socke)
  • Cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Private Cloud

How we work:

The Development Department consists of teams located in Skien, Oslo, Stockholm, USA, and Ukraine. The teams are using Scrum methodology for the development process of new features in the system. A team setup has a PO (Product Owner), QA (Quality Assurance), UI/UX (User Interface,  Usability), TL (Team Lead) and the developers. The TL is responsible for the development team members.

Teams are autonomous. It is a key factor for us to have agile development teams that make their own decisions regarding tech stack. A flat structure of management in the teams is vital for the team to work as a unit.

As a developer in a team you are encouraged to take an active role in the entire process of developing new products. Complex challenges are assigned with the aim for personal growth and learning, and to reach your potential. Years of experience with Web Applications has resulted in valuable insight and expertise within the field. As a newly recruited employee in the Development Department, you are exposed to beneficial knowledge while being encouraged to share knowledge and experience.

Our strategy is to have a microservice and event driven architecture. Creating a distributed solution with scaling in mind is essential to us. Like other companies, 24SevenOffice has a technical debt. To solve this challenge, we are currently breaking down the old monolith into microservices to get closer to a 100% distributed solution.

Life at 24SevenOffice

  • Surround yourself with a great team with high knowledge and eager to learn
  • Be a  part of an autonomous team with highly skilled developers
  • One full day of competence training every 3 weeks
  • Your own budget for training and courses to develop your skills
  • Mentorship program
  • Flexibility regarding remote work
  • High level of competence and skills in the department
  • Flexibility and trust to our developers
  • High degree of involvement from the start to the end in the product development process
  • You are welcome and encouraged to actively take part in discussions and provide feedback to help shape our platform and product

What we look for

You are curious by nature and genuinely interested in technology and programming.

24SevenOffice gives you the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge by becoming part of a professional environment with highly competent and eager colleagues. Neverending challenges and great opportunities are the foundation for personal education and development. You enjoy teamwork and believe in mutual learning towards personal growth and organizational success.

Complex challenges and problem solving are key factors for your motivation. You enjoy exploring technologies and keeping up with the next hot tech in the market.

Being involved in the development process from start to delivering the final product is something you are passionate about. You are highly motivated to improve the product satisfaction, and want to be a part of our journey to world domination with the No. 1 tool for all companies!

Julie Sannerud

Head of Recruitment & Career