Board and management

Board of Directors

Karl-Anders Grønland

Karl-Anders Grønland, Chairman of the Board

General: Born in 1970 and holds a law degree from the University of Oslo.

Experience: Karl-Anders has solid experience from the legal industry. He is a partner and executive manager at the law firm SGB Storlökken AS. He was previously a partner at the law firm Steenstrup Stordrange DA and a partner at Kvale Advokatfirma DA. Karl-Anders started his career as a Scientific Assistant at the Department of Private Law at the University of Oslo. He has also worked as a Commission secretary for the Norwegian Companies Law Committee. After that, Karl-Anders worked as an Assistant Judge at Nedenes Sorenskriveremede and Associate at Advokatfirmaet BA-HR DA.

Shareholding in 24SevenOffice: 312,500 shares

Staale Risa, CEO and board member

General: Staale Risa was born in 1978 and holds a Master of Science in eBusiness Management from the University of Surrey. He has also studied at BI Norwegian Business School, from which he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Management: Internet and Business.

Experience: Staale Risa started his career in 2002 at 24SevenOffice as COO, at which he became CEO in February 2017. Staale Risa has solid experience of the SaaS ERP market after more than 15 years of work in the industry.

Shareholding in 24SevenOffice: 1,495,216 shares

Madeleine Lindblom, board member

General: Madeleine Lindblom was born in 1986 and holds a degree in accounting consulting from Frans Schartau Handelsinstitut.

Experience: Madeleine Lindblom has previous experience in the accounting consulting industry from Ernst & Young and 24SevenAccounting, where she worked as an accounting consultant.

Shareholding in 24SevenOffice: 3,644 shares.

Henrik Vilselius, board member

General: Henrik Vilselius was born in 1963 and is educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in technical physics and also has a background in research and intelligence work at the Armed Forces.

Experience: Henrik Vilselius has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor and board member. He currently works as a senior advisor for companies within TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom), energy and finance and as an advisor to institutional investors. Henrik Vilselius also works as a senior advisor at BCG (Boston Consulting Group) and at Varenne Investment. Henrik Vilselius has worked with digital transformation for more than 20 years and has at the same time built a strong and thorough technical knowledge base together with a strong industrial Nordic network.

Shareholding in 24SevenOffice: 10,000 shares

Truls Kristian Hauger, CFO

General: Truls Kristian Hauger was born in 1972 and has attended the Master of Science in Business Strategy and Management program at Aarhus University. He also holds a bachelor's degree from BI Norwegian Business School and Leeds Metropolitan University in International Business.

Experience: He has previously worked as a Business Controller and Senior Consultant and Business Controller at the company CGI. Truls Kristian Hauger has also worked as a Senior Consultant at Siemens Business Services AS.

Shareholding in 24SevenOffice: 842,194 shares