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24SevenOffice ERP

24SevenOffice provides your business with a powerful ERP system with everything from CRM, Finance and Accounting software, Payroll, Project Management, Time registration, Reporting and Travel expenses. You have full control over the processes in your business from A to Z – in a single, completely integrated system.

The system is 100% cloud-based, where customers can work effectively and keep up to date from a laptop, tablet and mobile – regardless of whether their employees are on the move or in the office.

There is full flexibility regarding the features which your business – and each employee – has access to. The system is scalable, which means that you can easily upgrade, add new users and integrate new services to match developments in your business.

We offer a simple pricing model, where you pay per user per month – giving your business predictable costs and full flexibility.

The solution is used by everyone from small and medium sized companies to businesses with billion kroner turnovers.

The main modules in 24SevenOffice are:

Look at the full business process

ecosystem erp

24SevenOffice allows companies to see their business process as a whole – with the modules in the system effectively integrated in all the central processes.

Everyone in the company works in a web-based manner and has access to customer data across the modules in 24SevenOffice.

24SevenOffice offers a broad spectrum of features – with a high degree of flexibility. This is more than adequate for the majority of our customers, but obviously it is difficult to develop features to cover all needs. Not all customers are the same.

Adapting the features of the system to the needs of each customer, such that our customers are able to build their own ecosystem, is central to 24SevenOffice’s business model and strategy.

24SevenOffice offers a comprehensive API framework, which other cloud-based systems can connect to – or develop solutions customized to 24SevenOffice. This allows our customers to build their own ecosystem – and their dream combination of applications, with 24SevenOffice as the core and engine for the central processes.

Fully integrated…

erp integration

24SevenOffice offers a broad spectrum of standard integrations, which means that integrations do not need to be cost driven.

The system is fully integrated with hundreds of systems spanning everything from debt collection and debt recovery services, financial statements, credit checks, factoring, online stores, cash register systems, logistics, support tools and campaign management to marketing automation.

…or customized

Before customers get started with developing their own customized applications based on APIs – it is important to identify the unnecessary manual processes that can be replaced by technology – and how this is to be solved.

It is important to note that you do not need to be a technical expert to understand integrations. The most important thing in the first phase is to look at all business processes holistically and to identify which operations and tasks shall be solved in a smarter and more efficient way.

The goal here is, through automation, to exclude time loss and double registration of data, so that employees can to spend their time on value creation and core tasks.

User-friendly, seamless and flexible

A busy working day has more than one modus operandi – and consists of a wide spectrum of ways of working. This means that flexible tools, which make it easy to provide input and stay updated, are important – irrespective of whether they are provided from a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The 24SevenOffice system has been developed with the goal and for the purpose of being adapted for use in a variety of different situations – and from a multitude of locations. For example, not everything in a powerful, all in one ERP system is necessarily that relevant and appropriate for being solved from a mobile phone.

24SevenOffice Mobile has therefore been developed as tool for those circumstances where it is natural to use the mobile phone to keep up to date or perform tasks.

Within any one company, employees have different roles and areas of responsibility. The 24SevenOffice system is rights managed, so that your company can customize module access to suit each employee on the system.

As a customer, you can easily upgrade, downgrade, add new users/remove users etc. depending on your own needs. You pay per user per month – simply and easily.

Full overview from the Dashboard

erp dashboard

The «Dashboard» is the first thing a user encounters when logging into 24SevenOffice.

The dashboard is flexible and can be set up with widgets, such that everyone in the company can build their own customized front page, with thumbnails and quick access across the modules in the system.

It is also possible to share/retrieve predefined Dashboards with template keys, as, for example, many managers want all employees at departmental level to have the same Dashboard.

Data access is, of course, controlled by access rights, so that company management can build their own dashboards focused on key figures, activity and thumbnails in areas such as finance, sales and project management.

Free trial of 24SevenOffice

We offer a free trial if you would like to test 24SevenOffice as an ERP system, or would like to take a closer look at one of our individual modules.