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A busy working day has more than one modus operandi – and consists of a wide spectrum of ways of working. This means that flexible tools, which make it easy to provide input and stay updated, are important – irrespective of whether they are provided from a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

24SevenOffice Mobile has been developed with the goal and intention of being a useful tool in those circumstances where it is natural to use the mobile to keep up to date – or to perform tasks during the working day.

Reporting while on the move

mobile reporting

Reporting by mobile aims to give you access to key figures and useful management data while on the move.

It provides access to time and invoicing reports, including trends, best-selling products, turnover at customer, project and department level – to financial reports such as EBIT for the current year and trends over the past 12 months.

All reports can be viewed either graphically or with more detailed figures. Most reports can be run using from-to-date mode.

Hour registration

Time Tracking on Mobile gives you a full overview of your active projects, the most recent projects that you have spent time on – or projects you have been invited to or which have been added by the project manager. «Hours» and «costs» can be effectively recorded by selecting the project you want to assign them to.

Users can see both a log of their latest records – and the status of each entry (approved or invoiced) – at any time. It is also possible to record additional invoiceable costs to a project. This means that the project manager has an overview of both hours and costs in real time, so that invoicing can be done continuously.

If you need to search for projects or create new ones – this can be done directly from your mobile.

Continuous update of project status

Project Mobile gives the user a full overview of their project tasks, on a par with «work list» in the system.

It is an extremely useful tool which project managers can use to delegate tasks to internal or external project participants. With a few keystrokes, you can, for example, change status, enter task descriptions to be performed – or hours worked.

Approval of receipts

24SevenOffice’s approvals feature makes it extremely easy for company employees to approve invoices continuously from their mobile – irrespective of where they are.

All the company’s «designated approvers» receive notification by mobile every morning and afternoon if there are receipts and vouchers waiting for their approval. Project, department and any comments on the receipt can be quickly and easily added by mobile, which naturally helps make the approval flow more efficient.

Communication with notification

mobile notification

You can use the «company wall» from desktop or 24SevenOffice Mobile to gather together all important communications within the company. As soon as a new message is added you will receive a notification on your mobile.

Travel and expense accounts

travel expense

Employees can now submit their expenses electronically, without having to look after original expense receipts in connection with food, telephone, procurement, travel, etc. Using our mobile-based solution – simply take a photo of the document and submit it directly from your mobile.

The feature can be used to continuously collect receipts, for example in connection with travel. The solution takes the purpose, dates, amounts and currencies into account. At the end of your trip, enter your account number and the expense account is delivered directly from your mobile.

Submit orders continuously

Order processing by mobile allows users to effectively create orders, quotations and order confirmations – while on the move or out in the field. All necessary order statuses are available by mobile, making sure that all parts of the business can be included.

For example, sales reps and consultants can submit quotations and order confirmations continuously. This feature is also used widely within stock keeping and logistics – where the statuses «production», «packaging» and «sent» are used.

You can of course continuously create new customers and products.

Continuous access to customer and supplier information

CRM Mobile gives you effective, real-time access to customer and supplier information. Regardless of whether you are on the move or travelling – you have immediate access to contact details, charts, e-mail addresses and notes – for all customers and contacts.

Naturally, it is also easy to continuously enter new contacts and information.

Sales opportunities and pipeline

Record sales opportunities and update relevant information and steps in the sales process while on the move.

This feature gives sales reps an excellent overview of their pipeline per month and quarter at the stroke of a key. At the same time they have the possibility to record new sales opportunities when, for example, they are out in meetings, at trade shows, on the sales stand – or in other relevant situations.

Useful management reports showing the company’s entire pipeline and value at each step in the active sales processes, trends over the past 12 months, and the top 10 sales reps based on winning sales opportunities are also available. This allows sales managers and management to obtain real-time sales activity and status via mobile or tablet.

Files and documents

When on the move it is always important that you have access to all your files and documents. Via Mobile Files you have, for example, efficient access to customer contracts or important project documentation.

Via the solution you can, for example, take a photo of a signed contract or other form of documentation – and submit it directly to the Customer Card or project.

If your mobile has a program for opening the desired file type – the files will be brought up with all the usual options.

How do I get started?

24SevenOffice Mobile follows the existing permissions and rights set up within your system – all included in the subscription price. If your company has employees who only need particular features, «Travel and expense accounts», «Approval» and «Time registration» can also be purchased as stand alone modules.

You can download 24SevenOffice for mobile via App Store or Google Play.