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24SevenOffice Project Management

For each project and consultancy operation, it is important to have complete control of all phases of a project – from planning, implementation and time registration to finance. 24SevenOffice Project & Time Management gives you, all in one place, a number of smart solutions for managing your projects – regardless of whether you are on the move or in the office.

The modules are integrated with 24SevenOffice ERP – and offer smart solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, adapted to different roles – covering everything from basic to advanced project management.

Full project overview from start to finish

As a project manager, 24SevenOffice allows you to easily plan project implementation from A to Z, assign tasks, manage rights and invite any number of external participants to take part in the projects.

All projects are automatically assigned a project number when created in 24SevenOffice – so that all income and costs for the project can be linked and tracked against that number. On the cost side, this may, for example, concern purchase of materials or external consultancy services.

Use your resources properly

resource planner

After the project is created and the project plan is fully set-up in the system, you can add participants and allocate resources for the execution of tasks based on availability in the resource planner.

As soon as the project starts, the project manager has a complete overview of progress, status and tasks in the project via Gannt charts or project and task lists in the project planner.

Keep everyone in the team continuously updated

24SevenOffice Project allows you to communicate efficiently in your projects via the project wall from any device. All project participants receive continuous notifications by mobile when messages are posted on the “wall”.

If you are not inside the project at any particular moment, you can use Dashboard in the system to directly respond to posts on the wall from your «Quick List» on Dashboard. It is also possible to create priority project walls which own widgets from Dashboard in 24SevenOffice, so you have access to all communications directly from one login.

24SevenOffice also allows you to connect e-mail communications directly to your projects.

Flexible and efficient time registration

time tracking

Using 24SevenOffice, customers can create a number of categories, products and services; everything from different hourly rates to transport, equipment and materials. This is automatically available in the Project Module, so that employees can easily record anything from hours worked to consumption of materials and equipment, direct from a laptop, tablet or smart phone – from the office or when out on an assignment.

From all devices, each user has a full overview of his or her active projects, the most recent projects they have spent time on – or the projects they have been invited to or which have been added by the project manager. Users can, of course, also create new projects directly from their mobiles.

Full control of project finances

In 24SevenOffice, project managers remain permanently updated with both financial status and progress in the project.

Since all data is recorded continuously, delays due to defective documentation or specifications regarding the tasks being performed are avoided. As soon as all participants in a project have set status to «completed» – the project manager automatically has all figures and data needed to invoice the customer. All invoice specifications are automatically placed on the invoice, as they have already been entered by the participants on the project.

When using 24SevenOffice, it is up to you whether you want to send invoices as electronic invoices, PDF or in print invoice format.

Gain insight via Dashboard and advanced reports

Project dashboard

Via the project list in 24SevenOffice, you have a full overview of the finances and status of all projects – all in one place. You can even customize your reports and get a full overview of sales revenue, profit, contribution margin, contribution-to-sales ratio etc.

From Dashboard in 24SevenOffice, each employee and project manager can customize their own thumbnails across all projects.

You can choose from a variety of widgets based on project tasks, project wall, Quick List – and more.

Effective document sharing

By utilizing file management on your projects, you have access to important documents wherever you happen to be. Each individual project has its own document area within which you can share and work with project-related documents. You can easily upload documents using “drag and drop”, manage participant access and send e-mails with documents directly from the Project Card.

Integrated with a variety of systems

In addition to 24SevenOffice Project being seamlessly integrated with the other modules in the system, there are numerous opportunities for integration with other applications.