Transparency Act

24SevenOffice's due diligence under the “Transparency Act” (“Åpenhetsloven”)

24SevenOffice takes human rights seriously and complies with the requirements of the Norwegian “Transparency Act” (lov om virksomheters åpenhet og arbeid med grunnleggende menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold). The “Transparency Act” gives the public the right to access information on how 24SevenOffice handles negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions. The main purpose of the law is to promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. 24SevenOffice's due diligence is published in its entirety on this page.

24SevenOffice, responsibilities, guidelines and routines

24SevenOffice's vision is to empower businesses for the future, by delivering cloud-based business systems (ERP) to companies. The business system is module-based and can be delivered independently of each other. Examples of modules are accounting, payroll, HR, CRM, project, invoicing and time registration. At the time of writing, the company 24SevenOffice is represented in Norway, Sweden and the USA, and the overall responsibility lies with CEO Eirik Aalvik Stranden.

The company has developed its own routines for reporting and dealing with actual and potential negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions.

24SevenOffice requires that Standards of Business Conduct is followed by its own companies, suppliers and all business partners. Potential negative consequences for fundamental human rights lie primarily in the use of subcontractors. 24SevenOffice's Information Security System is based on ISO 27001 and sets strict requirements for regular risk assessment of subcontractors. Assessment of the subcontractors' work in relation to human rights is part of this risk assessment. The company also conducts annual due diligence assessments in relation to the OECD's guidelines for multinational companies.

Result of due diligence assessment

In its due diligence assessment, 24SevenOffice has not identified any significant risk or revealed any negative consequences for fundamental human rights as a result of the company's work.

Measures to limit negative consequences

By having a conscious focus, as well as having clear reporting channels for employees and external environments, the company believes that the risk of negative consequences for fundamental human rights will be minimal. In addition to this, the employees will be continuously made aware of their actions in areas that deal with this. 24SevenOffice considers that information about measures that the company has implemented or plans to implement is sufficient and limits the risk of negative consequences. 24SevenOffice will continuously assess situations that arise and the extent to which the measures achieve the desired effect.

Do you have questions about 24SevenOffice's due diligence assessment? Please contact 24SevenOffice in writing at compliance at 24SevenOffice. com

Published: 23.06.2022