24SevenOffice Group AB


The 24SevenOffice Group AB was formed on 2 August 2017 to create a Nordic organization that aims at being the leading SaaS ERP vendor in the Nordic region.

Our vision is “empowering businesses for the future”.  Companies that want to be competitive in today’s markets must have efficient, automated accounting systems, invoicing systems, access to a CRM system, project management, time tracking etc. As a company that delivers an efficient, highly automated and fully integrated cloud-based ERP software for the corporate market, 24SevenOffice is very well positioned.

We have an efficient customer processing platform that has been developed  and refined since the beginning and is now largely managed with the help of automated selection, which ranks potential customers by probability. The process is scalable, enabling expansion in both existing and future markets of 24SevenOffice.

The business system is module-based, where the modules are provided standalone or packaged as complete solutions. It includes modules for accounting, CRM, invoicing, logistics, project management and time tracking, all integrated into one solution.