Oslo Business Forum accelerates growth and efficiency with 24SevenOffice

Written by: Vilde Wangen Lindqvist, Head of Marketing at 24SevenOffice -

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Oslo Business Forum has been a loyal customer of 24SevenOffice since September 2018. They utilize several modules, including payroll, invoicing, CRM, and banking. According to Christoffer Omberg, CEO and co-founder of OBF, they have witnessed that the company's processes have become more seamless since they started using the system

oslo business forum x 24sevenoffice


— 24SevenOffice is easy to use, and as the CEO, I greatly appreciate the system's user-friendly navigation and the ease with which I can find the key figures I need, says Omberg.

One of the biggest advantages that Oslo Business Forum has experienced by using the system is that they have saved a lot of time. Previously, it took a long time to send documents, gain an overview, send invoices, and approve outgoing documents. Now, these tasks are much faster, which gives the employees more time to focus on other value-adding activities.

The company's ambition is to bring together top executives, decision-makers, and forward-thinking companies to create a unique arena where they can learn, discuss, and find solutions to current issues and challenges in the business world. With 24SevenOffice as a reliable partner, Oslo Business Forum has been able to maintain its focus on quality in all aspects and run a more efficient and profitable business.

Oslo Business Forum

Oslo Business Forum is a leading conference organizer and networking organization in Norway, with a goal to inspire and develop leaders and businesses through knowledge sharing and networking. Since its establishment in 2016, they have quickly grown to become a significant player in the Norwegian business community. They organize an annual conference, as well as several webinars and smaller events that promote leadership, innovation, and sustainable development.

A scalable system for a growing business

When Oslo Business Forum needed to change systems, 24SevenOffice was the obvious choice. They wanted a system that could grow alongside their company, and since 2018, their revenue has nearly multiplied by ten, with 24SevenOffice playing a vital role in this growth process. The system's flexibility and ability to upgrade as needed have been crucial.

— Our journey of growth has been incredibly exciting so far, but not without its challenges. Luckily, accounting hasn't been one of them, and upgrading in line with our development has been incredibly simple and seamless. It has been crucial, he adds.

Omberg highlights that the greatest strength of 24SevenOffice is its ease of use in everyday tasks, while also providing essential functionality to support larger processes. He would definitely recommend 24SevenOffice to other businesses looking for a reliable and user-friendly system.

24SevenOffice has been an invaluable partner for Oslo Business Forum, and thanks to their user-friendly and scalable system, we have been able to focus on what we do best - creating valuable networks and knowledge sharing for the business community.

— Christoffer Omberg, CEO and co-founder of Oslo Business Forum


Future prospects and new solutions

Oslo Business Forum also has plans to implement 24SevenOffice's new debt collection and invoicing solution. They are excited to see how this new solution can further streamline their daily operations and contribute to even better results.

Through their collaboration with 24SevenOffice, Oslo Business Forum has experienced a range of benefits, including time and cost savings, scalability, and user-friendliness. With these success stories, it's no wonder that Christoffer Omberg and his team at Oslo Business Forum highly recommend 24SevenOffice.


With 24SevenOffice, we have saved time and money, and their innovative solutions have been crucial to our growth and success. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and exploring new opportunities together.

— Christoffer Omberg, Oslo Business Forum

Oslo Business Forum is one of the many satisfied customers who have chosen to invest in 24SevenOffice as their partner for a more efficient and profitable workday. With a focus on solving today's and future challenges related to accounting, finance, and business management, we at 24SevenOffice are ready to help even more companies achieve their goals and grow with us.