Reminder and debt collection

Experience a smarter way to get paid for unpaid bills


Benefits with reminder and debt collection in 24SevenOffice


  • Everything happens in the same system – invoices are issued, reminders are sent and debt collection notices go out

  • Seamless two-way integration with accounting

  • The accountant receives all information in the same system as you

When you use the same system, you avoid manual extra work, and ensure a better flow towards the accounting system.

You decide

  • In three simple steps, you decide the rules for sending

  • Exceptions to the rules can be made in special cases

  • The surcharges for reminder and debt collection are set by you

The solution allows you to decide which rules dunning and debt collection should follow, which fees should be set and which deadlines should apply.

Take care of the customer relationship

  • No third parties come between you and the customer

  • The dialogue can be adapted so that both parties are satisfied

  • You are the master of the entire process and can make choices along the way

When you send a case to an external debt collection agency, you hand over control of the customer dialogue to a third party, which you avoid if you use a fully integrated system for reminders and debt collection.

Get full control over the liquidity in the company

Everyone who runs a company has experienced that a payment is late, or simply does not arrive. The process of nagging and, in the worst case, sending a case to debt collection is painful. A lot of resources are involved in obtaining an overview, connecting external partners and this has a cost that is unpleasant.

We have put on the shoes of all business owners, and created a solution that cuts the time you need to spend on reminders and debt collection.


Et smart system for inndriving

By connecting to our own dunning and debt collection solution, we have cut out several middlemen. From being in the middle between accounting agency and debt collection agency, we give all control to you.

Sending cases to debt collection agencies often leads to extra work for the person who wants to collect money. The report from the collection agency comes from one system, and there is no guarantee that the client and accounting agency use the same system. By using our solution, this problem is solved.


Take control of communication with your own customers

By using reminder and debt collection, you decide for yourself how the communication is done. No one really gets off well when a case has gone to debt collection - but with our solution you have full control over how the communication is handled.

When the payment enters the account, the job is done. The system automatically ensures the correct entry of everything from fees, interest and the principal amount. It is no longer necessary to ensure that the information from the debt collection agency reaches the accounts. It has already been done.


The smart choice for reminder and debt collection

The entire process of getting paid takes place in one and the same system. Automatic setup ensures that you never have to fear that invoices will be "lost" again. Tailor it when you require it - simple settings ensure that you can choose whether reminders should be sent - and whether the matter should be collected.

You can cut out external debt collection companies - which gives you more time to focus on your customers. We thought that was smart!


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Frequently askes questions

  • Of course, you can choose to do so. However, especially for smaller companies, sending a case to debt collection involves a lot of additional work – and for everyone, having a case handled by an external debt collection agent means a more complicated accounting process than keeping everything in the same system where the accounting is automatically adjusted.
  • For many, time is the most valuable resource they have – and this is especially true for businesses in a demanding financial situation. With reminders and debt collection, you eliminate the time you need to spend on administration for the cases that need to go to debt collection. One system handles everything for you – and that, in itself, is valuable.
  • When you use the ERP system from 24SevenOffice, you have access to the invoice module. This allows you to send invoices from the same system where the accounting takes place. If you also use the reminder and debt collection module, you ensure that this part of the payment process also happens within the same system throughout. This means that all accounting and offsets are automated, which removes the need for manual processes related to reminders and debt collection.

  • As a user of our solutions, you will always have full control. Regarding reminders and debt collection, the system is set up to ensure compliance with current regulations, but aside from that, you can set up different rules for the use of reminders and debt collection yourself.