A complete and flexible cloud-based ERP system

All tools are created to solve a challenge – this is also the case with 24SevenOffice. Over time, you may discover that your business needs more specific tools, and this is what we work to accomplish every day. We strive to be the smart choice for businesses of every size. Get to know the breadth of our services for smart and automated business operations.


Our products

Experience seamless workflow with a modular ERP system. We have built different modules that can be activated and used when needed – in the same system. This makes it possible to grow as a business whether your need is simple or more complex. 

We have created og provided solutions for different types of challenges you may encounter one day as a business – welcome to 24SevenOffice.


Regardless of the size of a company, operations and finances can be challenging to understand. A flexible system that meets the most intricate needs is crucial.

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AI Assistant, Auto Posting and a fully integrated bank are some of the services we provide. Our goal is that your business will have the resources it needs so you can focus on the important things.

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Sending an invoice should be easy. That is why we want to make the process of getting paid, as user-friendly and smart as possible. With Invoice from 24SevenOffice you can automate the repetitive tasks so you can use more of your time to create value.

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Reminder & debt collection

Our service Reminder and debt collection have cut out several middlemen. From being in between accounting agencies and debt collectors agencies, 24SevenOffice let you have the control.

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Advanced reporting

The module Advanced Reporting allows you to easily create customized reports. In an innovative way you can produce tailor maid reports and report packages for your businesses use. 

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Solve all tasks related to wages, travel bills and expenses in one system. If you run payroll, your time can be spent on more exciting tasks during the work day. We have also made smart functions for self service so you as managers and employees can solve more things themselves. 

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Travel expenses & reimbursements

You can now easily manage all tasks related to travel expenses, reimbursements and receipts. Take a photo of the receipt and upload it, fill in a few details – and you’re done. A seamless flow ensures that the right person has to approve, and all numbers are updated automatically. 

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Time registration

All businesses that register hours want tools that are easy to use and give a great, understandable insight. Get the greatest balance with time registration tool from 24SevenOffice.

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Every business should prioritize the customer. With the CRM module from 24SevenOffice this is exactly what you do. This module gives you everything you need to send invoices, marketing or nurture your customer contact. 

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Project Management

With the module Project in 24SevenOffice you can assign tasks, plan and carry out tasks, manage resources and rights as well as connect all income and expenses directly to each individual project. 

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Production & logistic

Production and delivery depend on many details – a lot of components have to be in place at the right time for things to go correctly. Our MRP system has everything you need in one place, and you can avoid production delays and stockouts that can result in lost customers. 

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HR system

A smart HR system lets you fully concentrate on your employees – not the system. The new HR system from 24SevenOffice provides full control over every process that involves your employees. 

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Carbon Accounting

Gain full control over your company's emissions with climate accounting from 24SevenOffice. We use AI to calculate carbon footprints, monitor emissions in real-time, and generate actions for climate-positive impact.

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