Accounting system

Experience a smarter way to do accounting.


Benefits with 24SevenOffice Accounting

Great work processes

  • Adapt the accounting system to your company's needs

  • Continuously updated accounts provide an effective management tool

  • If you use an external accountant, you'll have the same figures at all times.

A good accounting system can do a lot more than just keep the numbers in order, but also lay the foundation for correct processes and ensure that you work optimally.

An open system

  • The open API is prepared for integration towards hundreds of systems

  • Direct connections to various banks means that you avoid manual work and login

  • The system will evolve and develop together with the company – ready for the big tasks

You'll have the opportunity to use existing software combined with the accounting system – and a future-proofed system that will not become obsolete.

Artificial intelligence

  • AI Assistant accepts invoices, sends them for approval and suggests how the bookkeeping should be done – ready for payment

  • The invoice reception handles and reads all invoice formats

  • Lets you automate all accounting processes using AI Assistant or Autobokfør

AI contributes provides more efficient operations by automating manual processes.

Save time – you'll have the entire overview in one place

Keeping the accounts in order is crucial for every business owner. Changing accounting system is extensive work, and something that few people do unless they have to.

If you choose a new system, you'll have to quickly get everything up to speed. We'll help you with everything you need to make sure to get the software to work in the best possible way.


Save time on automation of accounting

It's great to be efficient – our technology can help you with that. We have connected various tools to our system that make the accounting far less time consuming. 

AI Assistant, AutoBokfør and fully integrated banking are just some of the things we can assist you with. Our goal is that your business can focus on the right tasks to help create growth, so the company's full potential can be utilized. 


Automatic handling of incoming invoices

Our system uses machine learning to read and process information from incoming invoices. This means that the system remembers the information for the next payment. This means you can run and book the recurring invoices automatically every month. 

Your suppliers get payed on time, and the accounts are continuously updated so you have control  at all times. 

The system will keep getting smarter, more efficient and tailored to your business the more its used. This means that you will always have a tool that develops and learns with you. 

And remember – we are ready to assist you every step of the way.


One accounting system – almost infinite opportunities to work smarter

  • Collect all incoming documents in one place, before they are forwarded based on custom rules. It can handle different invoice formats.
  • Efficient interface with shortcuts and good currency handling, where rated are updated daily. You can customize and automate voucher flow, including AutoBokfør. 
  • Deposits and withdrawals are automatically reconciled with the bank. If something is wrong, you will get a list that will be checked manually. 
  • Carry out secure payroll processing with an intuitive, scalable and simple payroll system that is seamlessly integrated with 24SevenOffice. 
  • Customer and supplier ledgers are always updated in real time, which means you will get a full overview and can easily check the status of payments, without manual handling and without logging into your online bank.
  • Deliver your travel bills and expenses easily and digital, wherever you are. All you need is your phone, a laptop or tablet with Internet access.
  • Based on custom rules, vouchers are automatically sent to the right person for approval. It is easy to approve vouchers through mobile and desktop.
  • With AI Assistant, incoming invoices are automatically sent to the approval flow and is delivered with a completed bookkeeping proposal, ready for payment in the bank.
  • Automatic submission and return of the VAT report.
  • Make all payments directly from the accounting system with a direct link to the bank.
  • Simple budgeting per general ledger account and good control reports.  The accounting program is fully integrated with external reporting solutions. 
  • 24SevenOffice has an open API and is fully integrated towards several hundred systems and applications, so you can tailor your own financial system.

  • Use a system that is updated at all times and use this as a management tool for your company. 24SevenOffice has over 300 forward-leaning accounting agencies as partners across the country. They are ready to ensure that you will succeed with your accounting. 

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