Travel expenses and reimbursements

More simple for employees. More comfortable for leaders.


Benefits of travel expenses and reimbursements from 24SevenOffice

Boring processes become much better

  • Take a picture of the receipts and upload them

  • Data from receipts is automatically filled in

  • Mileage reimbursement/toll fees are calculated automatically based on addresses

  • Employees will get their expenses refunded more quickly

Employees want to spend time on value creation, not travel expenses and reimbursements. With our solution, your colleagues save a lot of time.

Everyone gets everything

  • Automatic calculation of diet

  • Always up-to-date on rates, rules, and currency

  • The system automagically solves time-consuming tasks

  • The ability to input additional information that affects the payout

Simplification of tasks and removal of sources of error ensure that employees receive faster reimbursement.

Letters for leaders and payroll administrators

  • All requirements can be certified regardless of time and place

  • Full control over the approval process in one and the same system

  • Full control over historical data

  • You meet the auditor's requirements for documentation

Faster approval of expenses ensures faster payment without compromising on oversight and control.

Smarter for you who travel a little. Saves a lot of time for you who travel a lot

Have you ever lost receipts or found it dreadful to fix mileage allowance? The task of handling travel expenses, expenses, and receipts has now become easy. Take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app or PC. Fill in a few details and you're done.

You can do everything on-the-go and get your money back faster

Expenses can be entered while you are traveling. Click to send for approval. The manager can approve from anywhere and at any time, and the data goes straight into the payroll system. Employees get their money back faster. Did you ever imagine that travel expenses could be fun?

The system solves the tasks for you

The system fills in details that machines solve faster and better than humans. You automatically get an overview that provides confidence that everything is paid back with the correct rates, including tolls and of course per diem. Mileage reimbursement is automatically calculated when you enter addresses, per diem, and currency as well.

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