24SevenOffice takes a comprehensive approach to ESG. The term is an acronym that refers to our threefold focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues.

Sustainable operations

Our innovation platform contributes to building a sustainable and democratic society. The solutions we offer promote digitization, energy-efficient server sharing, a paperless work environment, and tools to simplify businesses' journey towards net-zero emissions.

Our server park is powered by 100% renewable energy and utilizes surplus heat for local agriculture in a closed-loop system. Server sharing is energy-efficient, and so far, 24SevenOffice has replaced around 80,000 local servers with less than 1000 in our server park. Our backup server center in Notodden is fully covered in solar panels.


Responsibility and obligations

24SevenOffice holds significant influence over our extensive customer base and takes responsibility for driving solutions towards a sustainable future.

The business world will soon be impacted by stricter requirements and regulations in this field. 24SevenOffice is well positioned and has turned risks into opportunities. Reporting obligations and CO2 taxes will increase the demand for solutions that simplify the management of a company's climate impact. We are the first in the industry to offer this. Our net zero platform helps companies meet new requirements and achieve their climate goals.


Environmental management

The driving force behind effective environmental management is targeted and continuous improvement. We are certified by Miljøfyrtårn and annually report on relevant indicators of our environmental impact. We aim to strengthen our environmental management with international standards, and this year we are working towards ISO 14001 certification. Together, these systems will form a comprehensive and efficient tool for our sustainability efforts.
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Some of our priorities

  • 24SevenOffice is a proud member of UN Global Compact, the world's largest business initiative for sustainability. UNGC's mission is to encourage companies worldwide to embrace strategies and operations aligned with 10 principles of responsible business. These principles encompass human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption - four areas that form the foundation for achieving the UN's sustainability goals. Our commitment to UN Global Compact's sustainability principles is comprehensive and long-term.
  • We strive for an open and inclusive organizational culture with shared norms and values for sustainable and responsible business operations. Our internal campaigns aim to enhance employee engagement, foster a sense of community, and promote accountability in this field. With a strong focus on internal skills development, we aim to have everyone on board - to successfully achieve our sustainability goals and assist our customers in doing the same.
  • 24SevenOffice is a cutting-edge digital innovation platform that empowers businesses for the future, with a strong focus on data security and sustainability. We have actively participated in the United Nations program to establish ambitious sustainability goals aligned with the global ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

    Our sustainability goals are not only ambitious and science-based, but they are also fully integrated into our company's core strategy. While working strategically to achieve our own sustainability objectives is commendable, we believe in going above and beyond by assisting others in doing the same. That is why we have developed a groundbreaking net zero platform that simplifies sustainability efforts for businesses.

  • The global community must achieve net zero emissions before 2050 to prevent global warming beyond 1.5C. An increasing number of businesses are setting goals for net zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. 24SevenOffice has developed a net zero platform with various tools that simplify companies' sustainability efforts. Through this platform, businesses can identify their climate impact and initiate relevant measures.
  • We offer a fully automated carbon accounting system with the ability to measure, reduce, and offset emissions. Our AI-driven system analyzes the company's financial, consumption, and industry data, converting it into a real-time snapshot of the company's climate impact. This insight provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant and available initiatives and actions that should be undertaken. This is how we help our clients kickstart their journey towards tracking and reducing their climate footprint.

    The benefits of automated carbon accounting are plentiful. The alternative involves manual processes for data collection, processing, and accounting, which are time-consuming and costly. It is also advantageous to be prepared when regulations come into effect. Having control over emissions demonstrates responsibility, increasing attractiveness and enhancing reputation. It becomes a distinguishing factor in the pursuit of the best talent, customers, partners, investors, and green capital.

  • We assist businesses in climate compensation through high-quality climate credits, certified with the strictest international standards. All of our climate credits contribute to negative emissions through reforestation efforts.