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Reduce 50% or more of your manual work through automation. Manage your business and staff with a comprehensive and fully integrated ERP, MRP, AI-based accounting and bookkeeping system.

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Masterplan MRP by 24SevenOffice

A Fully integrated Inventory and Manufacturing solution

We offer a powerful MRP system that brings the complexity of traditional resource planning into a user friendly environment in the Cloud. Manage entire product life cycles from procurement to delivery. bridges the gap between Materials, Manufacturing and Inventory management. Keep track on production cycles and warehouse stock.

A system that covers all your business needs. Learn more about how our complete cloud-based ERP solution can help you manage your business from A-Z from Manufacturing, Inventory management, Finance & Accounting, CRM, Project Management, Reporting, Payroll, Time and Expense tracking and more.

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The business system customized to your needs

Accounting system

The accounting system with all the functionality you need included in the price.

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Payroll system

A scalable system that makes payroll processing simpler.

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Reminder and debt collection

Experience a smarter way to get paid for unpaid bills

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Experience a smarter way to do accounting

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Payroll system

Achieve seamless workflow with a complete payroll system

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Advanced reporting

Get the reports you need when you need them

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An ERP system that offers everything your business needs



Save time when you have the complete overview in one place

AI Assistant, AutoBokfør, and fully integrated bank are just some of the things we can assist with. The goal is for your business to be able to use time wisely, so that the full potential of the company can be realized.



Experience a smarter way to send invoices

Sending an invoice should be easy. Therefore, we want to make the process of getting paid as user-friendly and smart as possible. Automate the repetitive tasks so you can focus on creating more value


Reminder and debt collection

Full control over the liquidity in the company

By connecting our own solution for dept collection, we have eliminated several intermediaries. Instead of being in the middle between an accounting firm and a collection agency, we give all control to you


Advanced reporting

Get the reports you need when you need them

With advanced reporting, you can easily set up customized reports yourself. In a smart way, you can produce tailored reports and report packages.



Achieve seamless flow with a complete payroll system

With the payroll system from 24SevenOffice, you get all the functions that a serious and modern employer needs. It becomes easier to handle tasks such as sick leave, vacation pay, tax withholding, and pension


Travel expenses & reimbursement

Easier for employees. More comfortable for managers

Have you ever lost receipts or found it dreadful to fix mileage reimbursement? The task of handling travel expenses, reimbursements, and receipts has now become easy. Take a picture of the receipt and upload it on the app or PC. Fill in a few details and you're done.


Time registration

When time registration becomes motivating and fun

Our time registration system is used by many of Norway's most well-known time tracking and project management companies. It's easy to keep track of overtime, flexitime, absences, payments, time balance, and vacation.



Your customers, right where you want them

Placing customers at the center of your business is a smart move. With the CRM module in 24SevenOffice, that's exactly what you do. Here, you'll find the information you need when invoicing, marketing, or nurturing customer relationships.


Project management

The project management tool that allows you to connect everything.

Tired of having your task list in one place, your documents in another, and your accounting in a third place? With Project from 24SevenOffice, you can plan, execute, and assign tasks, manage resources and permissions, and connect all income and expenses directly to each project.


Production and logistics

Material Requirements Planning

Our modern MRP solution helps manufacturers to respond faster to increased demand for products, as well as avoid production delays and inventory buildups that can result in lost customers. A modern MRP solution ensures better stability and revenue growth for your business.


HR system

A smart HR system allows you to focus on people.

"With the HR module, you can do everything related to the organization you need to manage. With tools like Organization, Administration, Competence, Conversations, and Recruitment, you can easily handle everything during the entire period an employee is in the company - from creating and publishing job advertisements to conducting an exit interview when the person moves on.


Oslo Business Forum

We have saved time and money, and your innovative solutions have been crucial to our growth and success.

Christoffer Omberg

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Randi Regnskap

24SevenOffice is constantly launching solutions in line with Randi's vision of streamlining and simplifying the industry.

Olav Aashaug

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Randi regnskap

Pink Fish

I find 24SevenOffice to be a very good and efficient system to work in. I now manage most of the roles in the solution myself.

Stein Eriksen

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