Material Requirements Planning

Get full control throughout the entire production. From material flow, production, warehouse management and finance.


Benefits with MRP from 24SevenOffice


  • Set up your own production orders with work-related operations

  • Get control over your material and resource consumption and your costs related to production

  • Set up your own workflow in sequential order and set up inspections during production

  • Associate subcontractors as part of your production

By linking the products you deliver directly to orders and stock, you ensure that you always have what you need to produce and deliver.

Plan material needs

  • Set up your own production plan ahead of time and get control of your capacity

  • Customize your own products

  • Let our MRP Workbench help you plan to ensure the right amount of material for your production or your warehouse

  • Easily discover bottlenecks related to material requirements, suppliers or in production

Get an improved overview of what you have and what you need - at the right time.


  • Get control over the lead time on your purchase

  • Get a good overview of suppliers and supplier prices

  • Control of goods receipt and link purchase order to invoice

  • Gain control over the entire process from purchasing to finished product in an efficient way

The system allows you to maintain control over everything related to procurement in one place

Inventory management

  • Gain real-time control over your inventory

  • Provides significant flexibility to divide the inventory into various warehouse zones and locations

  • Utilize pick lists and handheld scanners with a dedicated operational interface designed for tablets or PCs

  • Support for multiple locations/warehouses and the ability to easily manage the flow of goods between these locations

  • Supply materials across locations based on the needs of your various locations

Provides you with a digital system that encompasses everything in the warehouse, seamlessly integrating with the ordering function and production

Full overview from A to Z

24SevenOffice MRP helps to ensure that your inventory is available for the production process exactly when it is needed and at the lowest possible cost.

Our modern MRP solution helps manufacturers respond more quickly to increased product demand, as well as avoid production delays and inventory holdings that can result in lost customers. A modern MRP solution ensures better stability and income growth for your company.


Fast response ensures fast delivery!

Our modern MRP solution helps manufacturers to respond more quickly to increased demand for products, as well as avoid production delays and stockouts that can result in lost customers. A modern MRP solution ensures better stability and income growth for your company.

The main goal of an MRP solution is to ensure that materials and components are available when needed in the production process and that production takes place according to plan.


Supply chain planning

  • The days of working in spreadsheets are over. Get full real-time control over your inventory, across factories and warehouses.

  • To plan the material needs of production can mean the difference between success or disaster. You can easily discover constraints related to material requirements and supplier constraints with our MRP.

  • Get control of the inventory, material requirements and subcontractors, so you more effectively can handle the process from purchase to finished product.

  • If you have several factories or warehouses, you can easily transfer materials between them. With the MRP solution, materials can be supplemented crosswise according to the needs of the various locations.


Implementation of production

  • In order to run a manufacturing company efficiently, it is essential to know the actual costs associated with the production of a product.

    In our MRP solution, you'll get an overview of time tracking, materials for production and quality control are just some of the things that can be easily tracked. You also have a full overview of quality problems, cost overruns and planning changes through custom notifications.

  • You can easily track technical changes, revisions and defects throughout the product's life cycle to ensure traceability should you encounter challenges with product complaints.

    Your own approval workflows can be configured to ensure quality control and documentation of technical changes.

  • Creating accurate estimates can often be demanding, but with 24SevenOffice MRP you can easily make estimates based on historical time and material costs.

  • To ensure a good production process, the system plans the need and capacity at the factory, production schedule and availability of work capacity.

  • Keep track of elapsed time for various productions. With comprehensive reporting, the system shows you where you made money and where you are potentially losing money.

    The data collection is closely integrated with the main production schedule. Employees will have access to their next tasks and which raw materials or tools are required.

  • Tracking products is becoming more and more important. With our MRP solution, you can track the product throughout its entire life cycle, including errors and product recalls. The traceability feature can be used to gain full control over the items used in a given product at the time of production.


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