Advanced reporting

Get the reports you need when you need them.


What is advanced reporting?

Reports and reporting can demand a significant amount of time, manual effort, and resources. Our Advanced reporting allows you to select which aspects of your business you want to analyze and report on. Additionally, you can also customize the reports according to your needs.

You can receive automated reports that are always up-to-date, analyze which products are selling best, and identify where you are earning and losing money in your operations.

How it works

  • Always up-to-date reports. You can customize your own reports that are easy to understand.

  • Insight into operations, sales, and products - analysis of which products sell best, volume, where you are earning and losing money.

  • Automatic control of figures and discrepancies - with our intelligent systems that actively use AI, you save a lot of time on corrections.

Benefits with advanced reporting in 24SevenOffice

Updated report

  • The figures are updated at the same time as the accounting system

  • Easy to understand reports with visual aids

  • Customize your own reports and report packages

Always access to updated figures in the reports, which means that you never make decisions based on incorrect data

Easy to learn

  • One hour of training is all it takes to get started

  • Adapted for both accountants, auditors and the company's management

  • Easy to generate necessary reports for all users

In a busy everyday life there is a lot to get to grips with, but by using advanced reporting in 24SevenOffice you don't have to spend unnecessary time getting the right overview

Full control

  • Simplifies the auditor's control and follow-up points

  • Checks data available in the accounting system and provides feedback on discrepancies

  • The accounting analysis takes place by itself

Carrying out accounting control is often time-consuming, but by using this solution the answers come naturally

Customized reports around the clock

Figures and data on your company's operations exist, but the work of locating, compiling, and analyzing them can be time-consuming.

With Advanced reporting in your accounting system, the reports you need are just a keystroke away.

You can easily choose which report packages you want your company to have access to in the module.


Get control of the company's finances and development

In the advanced reporting module, you can easily set up customized reports yourself.

By investing an hour in training, you can set up the reports and report packages you need most - and with that you can maximize the potential in your own company, and gain smart insight. 


Enhance your decision making foundation

The reports in the Advanced Reporting module provide valuable insights into what is actually happening within the company – a critical factor in making sound decisions for your company.

You can easily use existing templates for standard reports in the module, or you can quickly and easily define which data should be included in your report.

By maintaining ongoing overview, you are already on your way to making better decisions.


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