HR system

Our smart HR system allows you to focus on the people – not the system.


Get an overview of everything you need in your daily work as an HR manager. Our system provides a streamlined and cohesive HR process where you'll find everything you need in one system.

Get insight into the entire organization

Our Beta version of the system allows you to set up organizational charts of employees, departments, and roles, as well as document management, digital signatures, resource management, communications, and recruitment processes from job postings to hiring.

The system can also seamlessly integrate with 24SevenOffice's ERP system, further enhancing your daily workflow.

Benefits of HRM from 24SevenOffice

Smart recruiting

  • Create and publish job advertisements directly in the system

  • Handling applications, giving rejections or inviting for an interview

  • Start the employee cycle directly from the recruitment tool

Allows you to manage recruitment in the same system as the rest of the company is governed.

Automatic workflows

  • By using the Workflows feature, you can easily automate the dialogue with employees, ensuring that consents and similar processes run smoothly

  • Ensures timed rights and deadlines - and minimizes the risk of human error

  • Ensures that the correct roles have access to the appropriate workflows in the company's systems

A simple way to ensure proper access and ensure that the organization can function optimally.

Smart resource management

  • Register all electronic equipment directly to employees

  • Keep track of who has which keys

  • When things need to be submitted, one can request it directly in the system

Everyone has experienced losing control of a computer or a set of keys. This system allows you to regain control.

Create good conversations

  • Allows you to plan the dialogue with employees - with prepared templates for different types of conversations

  • Secure document management - with storage directly in the employees' file archives

  • User rights allow you to control who has access to what

Ensure a good dialogue with employees through prepared templates. This ensures that all leaders have the same leadership support.

Full overview of the entire organization

Structure your own organization within the system, including employees, departments, workplaces, and companies – and easily link employees to defined roles. You can also easily update the information as needed, ensuring that the organizational chart is always up-to-date.

Also, control which users have access to what – this way, you can be safe that sensitive information is handled in a safe manner.




Manage everything from job postings to exit interviews

With our HR system, you can handle everything you need for the organization you're overseeing. With the tools Organization, Administration, Competence, Conversations, and Recruitment, you can accomplish everything you need throughout an employee's tenure.

You can do everything from creating and publishing job advertisements to conducting exit interviews when an employee is moving on.

All employees have their own user accounts, where they can control their own information, keep track of documents, and review and manage minutes from employee meetings.



Preserve sensitive information safe

There are many regulations regarding the preservation of personal and sensitive data. Our HR module is created and designed to protect your personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

You can easily delete and archive personal data and documents in our HR system. This ensures that all personal data or data between you and your customers are handled securely.


Frequently asked questions

  • An HR system helps you maintain an overview of the organization. The system should include a list of all employees, along with contact information, birthdays, and other essential details.

    The HR system from 24SevenOffice allows you to streamline your workday, where you can find most of what you need in one system.

    You can manage digital documents, post job openings, handle resources, and engage in discussions with employees within the organization.

  • An HR system is a digital tool that helps businesses, organizations, and companies gather and organize information about their employees in one place. The advantage is that all employees have access and can easily navigate the system if they need to.

    Consolidating as many systems as possible into one is beneficial in a hectic work environment. The HR system from 24SevenOffice allows you to perform various actions within one system and should function as an ecosystem where you, as a leader or HR manager, can find everything you need - from job postings to documentation of exit interviews when employees move on.

  • Certain features are absolutely essential to have in an HR system. This includes vital aspects of personnel management - all the way from an employee's initial phase in a company to their last day on the job. This includes:

    • Onboarding
    • Employment contracts
    • Company employees
    • Absences Employee conversations
    • Relevant integrations


    A great onboarding process is crucial for an employee to thrive in their job and stay with the company longer. To provide a good onboarding experience, checklists and information should be easily accessible for new employees to find.

    With an HR system from 24SevenOffice, you can follow up with new employees through onboarding conversations, dialogues, and other important events.

    Employment Contracts

    With a good HR system, you can securely store all the crucial documents in one place. This includes important documents like employment contracts and agreements.


    For an organization, it's important to have an overview of all employees and relevant information about them. An HR system should include details about who the employees are, what they do, their availability, contact information, birthdays, and other relevant information.

    Templates for Employee Conversations

    With our HR system, you get better visibility into completed and upcoming employee conversations. Relevant documents are safely stored in the cloud, providing a clear overview of what you need.

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