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All customer data in one place

Our CRM system consolidates all the data you have on customers and suppliers in one place. This ensures that information is readily accessible to the entire company, across departments – encompassing everything from information to activities, notes, and other communication. This guarantees a seamless and efficient workflow throughout the organization.

With a CRM system from 24SevenOffice, you can tailor your own system to meet the specific needs of your business.

The benefits of 24SevenOffice CRM

Easier sales

  • Customize the system to fit your company's sales process

  • Design your own proposal templates and reuse them throughout the entire order process

  • Get unique insights that make it easier for salespeople to prioritize tasks

The CRM is customized to your way of selling, and provides you with opportunities to follow the entire sales process so you can take the right actions at the right time.

A range of integrations

  • Integrated with the Brønnøysund Register Centre for updated information

  • Ready for integration with marketing applications such as MailChimp and others

  • Ready for Vipps, Klarna, and a range of other payment providers

The CRM is ready to be used with a range of popular applications that improve the workflow for everyone in your company.

Customized reports

  • Get quick overview of profitability in customer relationships

  • Build lead reports that make it easy to prioritize

  • Get an overview of ongoing sales processes at any time

The value of updated reports is invaluable. Ongoing tracking of all key performance indicators helps you make good decisions.

The most important information gathered in one place

Putting customers at the center is smart. With the CRM module in 24SevenOffice, that is exactly what you do. Here, you will find the information you need when invoicing, marketing, or maintaining customer contact.

Integration with the Brønnøysund Register Centre means that you have key information about customers and partners just a keystroke away. This makes it easy to double-check that you have registered everything correctly. 


Full control over sales

Having an overview of all contact with customers and suppliers simplifies the operation of the company. Once you have learned how to merge information from different sources and ensure that the customer card is updated regularly, you are already on your way to a better and closer relationship with your customers and partners.

If you want to keep track of potential leads, sales opportunities, and actual sales, you can do so on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. The data you collect in the CRM module can be used to build solid sales reports so that you have an accurate estimate of sales and revenue.

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Frequently asked questions

  • CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, where the goal is to put the customer at the center. By collecting all information about the customer in one place, you have a solid foundation for tailoring communication, making better decisions, winning more sales, and driving upselling.
  • The customer card in the CRM is where you store all information about a customer. The CRM is connected to, among other things, the Brønnøysund Register Centre, which ensures that you have the correct address, EHF data, and similar information. You can also merge information from different customer cards if you have created the information in multiple places, and thus ensure that everything is up to date.
  • The CRM allows you to generate all necessary reports to keep track of a customer or a supplier. For example, you can generate an activity report based on invoices that have been sent. You also have access to a supplier account statement that provides insight into your relationship with your suppliers.
  • When you register a sales opportunity, you also create a customer card to keep track of the relationship. Then you have access to all communication with this potential customer - and can see what sales opportunities each seller has. You can also see estimates of expected sales and measure lost sales and the reasons for this.

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