A complete and flexible cloud-based ERP system

Create growth, customize your workflow and get more out of your time with a scalable business system tailored to your company's needs.


A scalable business system

Our ERP system is suitable for most companies, whether you are a small, medium-sized or enterprise company. Our cloud-based system is scalable - you can adapt and create the system based on your companys needs, and as it grows - without changing systems.

Our ERP system is a great planning tool that, with AI, provides valuable insight and an overview of the company's resources and operations. This is how we help you free up time and streamline work and processes that require a lot of time - you get a better opportunity to focus on growth and value creation.

How the ERP system works

  • Type=HR, Size=500-1

    Customize your company's business system based on what your company needs right now. In case of growth, more modules can be added.

  • Type=Betaling, Size=500

    With our ERP, all the systems the company needs can be gathered in one system - accounting, HR, Payroll, Climate Change Accounting. You decide which modules you need.

  • Type=Timeregistrering, Size=500

    Our smart systems use AI so you can save a lot of time and money on more automated processes and tasks.

The platform you grow with

Changes and surprises happen rapidly in the business world. That's why it's essential to have a resource and financial management system that you enjoy working with, provides valuable insights and is everything you need in a reliable way.  

With the ERP system from 24SevenOffice you can easily meet and solve all tasks related to operations and finance so managers and employees can make better choices.  Risk is removed. Value chains are strengthened.

Regardless of whether you are a small craft business or accounting office, a medium sized consulting firm og production company – you will have a platform as foundation to create profitable growth.


Free up time for important tasks and growth

24SevenOffice was the first in the world to offer ERP in the cloud – we are committed to innovation and to ensure that we always meet the future needs of our customers. We want to provide you with solutions that make your work day seamless, and quick problem solving.

These goals are achieved by helping you eliminate time consuming, complex and boring tasks and processes that machines can do quicker and better than humans. Our automatic systems give people the possibility to use their time on activities that drive competitiveness.

When your colleagues are inspired and sizzling with energy, they also have a better ability to think anew, simplify and renew operations and improve the services and products you bring to the market.


Frequently asked Questions

  • ERP system provides a lot of the resources a company needs within projects, logistics, financial management, analysis as well as payroll and HR.

    With ERP we mean Enterprise Resource Planning System, and the system gathers everything a company needs on one platform.

    The system is a great planning tool that provides both insight and an overview of the company's resources. This way, the company can be run in the best possible way by freeing up time and resources that can be invested in focusing on growth and value creation.

    ERP systems provide an overview of various resources and aspects of a company, including:

    • Economy
    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Reporting
    • HR system
    • Payroll system
  • Our cloud-based ERP system automates information and process flow, enhancing communication among suppliers, customers, and employees.

    By automating most processes, companies save both time and costs. More time can be allocated to activities that drive value creation and growth.

    There are several advantages to implementing a cloud-based ERP system from 24SevenOffice, including:

    • Real-time data monitoring
    • Tracking KPIs
    • The possibility of having everything the company needs in one system
    • Access to the system from anywhere, allowing you to check data whenever you want
    • Ability to customize dashboards based on the insights you desire
    • Easily adding more modules to the system if needed

    With a web-based ERP system, you can customize your system as you wish, making necessary adjustments and priorities along the way. You can also check updated data whenever and wherever you want, on your mobile device, tablet, or web browser.

  • If a company has decided to switch ERP systems, this is a process that occurs in four phases.

    It involves, among other things:

    • Definition Phase

    In this phase, a project plan, communication plan, and implementation plan are developed for how the migration process will take place.

    • Realization Phase 

    In the second part of the process, you will receive input from various experts in different areas on how a new ERP solution will streamline your daily operations.

    • Training Phase 

    Our consultants provide training for relevant individuals on the new system.

    • Implementation Phase 

    The final phase involves a review of the system to ensure that all processes are functioning optimally and correctly before the old ERP system is shut down. Now, you are ready for an efficient work routine with time for value creation.

Our ERP system provides everything your company needs



Save time by having all the information in one place

AI Assistant, AutoBookkeeping, and fully integrated banking are just some of the things we can assist with. Our goal is to help your company use its time wisely, so that the full potential of the company can be realized.



Experience a smarter way to send invoices

Sending invoices should be easy – that’s why we’ve made the process to getting paid a lot easier, smarter and more user friendly. Automate the repetitive tasks so you can focus on creating more value for your business.


Reminder and debt collection

Get full control over your company's liquidity

Our service Reminder and debt collection have cut out several middlemen. From being in between accounting agencies and debt collectors agencies, 24SevenOffice let you have the control.


Advanced reporting

Get the reports you need when you need them

The module Advanced Reporting allows you to easily create customized reports. In an innovative way you can produce tailor maid reports and report packages for your businesses use.



Achieve seamless flow with a complete payroll system

With the payroll module from 24SevenOffice you get all the necessary functions. Processes like sick leave, holiday pay, tax deductions and pension will be a lot easier.


Travel expenses & reimbursements

Easier for employees. More comfortable for managers

Have you ever lost receipts or postponing fixing your mileage allowance? Handling travel expenses, reimbursements and receipts has now become simple. Take a picture of the receipt and upload it in the 24SevenOffice app or on your OC. Fill in a few details and you're done.


Time registration

Make time registration fun

Our Time registration is used by many of Norway’s best known time registration and project managed companies. It will be a lot easier to manage overtime, flextime, absence, payments, hourly balance and holidays.



Your customers - exactly where you want them

Every business should prioritize the customer. With the CRM module from 24SevenOffice this is exactly what you do. This module gives you everything you need to send invoices, marketing or nurture your customer contact.


Project Management

The Project Management system lets you connect everything

Are you tired of keeping everything in different places? Like the project overview are kept in one place, the documents another and your accounting a third place? Project Management is the module that lets you plan, implement and assign tasks, manage resources, rights and gather all income and expenses directly to each individual project.


Production & logistic

Material Requirements Planning – MRP

Our modern MRP module makes it easier for manufacturers to respond faster to increased product demand, as well as avoid production delays and stockouts that can lose customers.


HR system

A smart HR system that lets you prioritize the people

This module lets you do everything that includes the organization you will manage. With the Organization, Administration, Competence, Interviews and Recruitment tools you can easily do everything throughout the entire period your employees work in the company. Everything from creating and publishing job adverts to conducting final interviews when employees move on.


With a good system comes many advantages

  • We will help you work smarter with all value creation in the company. Accounts are digitized. User-friendly technology makes it easy and efficient to manage the finances and operations of the company.

    Artificial intelligence and automation take over tasks that machines like better than humans, and your skilled subject matter experts can work on more rewarding tasks. We will help you with smart tools for a wide range of business functions within operations and business management, project management and resource management, within HR and in production and logistics itself. Good access to insights and reports at all levels means that all employees can make better and more informed decisions.

  • Tasks within finance and operations are often demanding to carry out because they require special expertise. In a business world where the battle for the best minds is fierce, it is important to have functions that allow people to work smarter, not harder. With this platform, you'll get lots of smart solutions such as fully digital invoice receipt, ready-made integrations with banks and Altinn, automatic bookkeeping and document management, more efficient document flow, and a wide range of other smart functions. If you use an external accountant, you can both work in the same platform.
  • The system grows in step with their needs. When you need new modules, accesses and functions, they are easy to activate in the platform. A wide selection of integrations makes it easy to create a good flow of data across the business, so that working methods, deliveries and services are as smart as possible - internally and towards customers.

    With all core processes gathered in one place, you will always have control and an overview. The pricing model is easy to understand, and we have also been named the most favorable option for small businesses by Regnskap Norge in 2023.

  • 24SevenOffice is a service you rent. Since the software is in the cloud, you have access to the platform regardless of time and place. This means that all employees, regardless of level, can solve their work tasks better, and a solid financial system contributes to increased control and greater security. Because the platform helps employees work smarter, it will also create security for the company's prospects into the future, and it is easy to find areas for increased efficiency and greater productivity.

    Feel free to also use the recruitment module, which makes it easier for you to find the best colleagues.

  • We have a method that has helped tens of thousands of companies get started quickly and well with a new system. We help you plan, organize, execute and ensure good training so you quickly learn the new system. On our website, you have ample access to guides, courses and webinars so that you can introduce yourself to exciting new opportunities, and increase your own competence at the pace and in the form you want. Because we assist many tens of thousands of companies on several continents, there is a lot of useful experience and a correct selection of best practices in our user community.

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