Changing Payroll Systems: How to Implement 24SevenOffice Payroll

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Are you considering changing your payroll system or are you already in the process? If so, there may be a lot to familiarize yourself with. According to Bjørnar Andersen, a payroll consultant at Value Kristiansand and a consultant at 24SevenOffice, your workflow can become even better and more efficient with 24SevenOffice's payroll system.

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He provides you with insight into what you should consider if you are considering moving your payroll system and what you should keep in mind during the transition.

The payroll system from 24SevenOffice can also seamlessly integrate with our time registration system.

How to move a payroll system?

Switching to a new payroll system can be complex, with many components to consider. Here, Andersen shares his best tips.

Things to remember before moving your payroll system:

First and foremost, Andersen recommends planning ahead before switching systems. He suggests switching systems during a change in accounting periods.

— In addition, you should also allow for some extra time - processes don't always go smoothly. However, you can start moving your payroll system as soon as the last payroll in the old system has been processed.

What is important to remember when moving your payroll system?

If you have decided to move your payroll system to 24SevenOffice Payroll, Andersen has a number of tips that may be useful:

  • Move all employees to the new system, including those with outstanding vacation pay.
  • You need to consider whether to terminate all employment relationships or continue them in the new payroll system.
  • 24SevenOffice Payroll has the function to reconcile employment relationships with Altinn. This makes it easy to use the same employment relationship ID as in the old system. You can copy the ID directly from the previous month via Altinn under Employees > Altinn > Select the previous month > Reconciliation > Select all. Copy this from Altinn into the new payroll system.
  • Leave of absences: Ongoing leaves of absences must be entered for the employee in Absence in 24SevenOffice Payroll using the same ID that was used in the previous payroll system.
  • Vacation pay: You need to consider whether vacation pay should be included in the year-to-date calculation or if it was imported. For example, if you have imported payouts for 2022, you must also import the accruals for 2021 - otherwise, employees will end up with negative balances in the vacation pay list.
  • You need to reconcile the vacation pay list at the start in 24SevenOffice. It should match the vacation pay list in your previous system. It is much easier to detect errors now than during vacation pay next year.
  • When importing payroll items, amounts imported on naturally negative payroll items - such as "Cafeteria deductions" - will automatically be negative in 24SevenOffice Payroll. If you import a negative amount, you will get a double negative, and the amount will therefore be recorded as a positive payment.
  • You also need to reconcile recurring items in the first payroll run you perform in the new system and check for any missing items. If you did not reconcile the year-to-date calculation, you need to check the accounting against a typical payroll run in the previous system.


Andersen emphasizes the importance of allowing enough time for the first client move and ensuring that everything is correct.

— Once you have moved a couple of clients, it becomes automatic. If you are unsure about anything, you can ask our support in advance - then you don't have to clean up afterwards. It takes 5 minutes to check if something is correct, but it takes hours to fix something that went wrong, advises Andersen.

If you need help, it is wise to allow some extra time and start exploring the system well in advance of the day you, for example, need your salary in your account. We also recommend testing imports you are about to start with in advance - we have good support for importing payroll items.

The system that improves your workflow

— When you start using a new system, it usually takes some time to get used to it. Some buttons may have changed position, and there may be some settings you need to set up that you haven't thought about since you last switched systems, says Andersen.

His experience is that most people adapt to changes quickly, and any changes that the 24SevenOffice payroll system brings are usually for the better.

— Once you have completed a few payroll runs in our payroll system, you will get used to how it works and get into new routines. The workflow will be just as good as before - if not better. Personally, I think the workflow became even better after moving to 24SevenOffice Payroll, concludes Andersen.

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