Climate Accounting: 7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have Automated Climate Accounting

Written by: Camilla Therese Øino -

Reading time: 2minutes

Automated climate accounting is a valuable tool for gaining control over which activities or assets in the company contribute to the largest emissions of greenhouse gases. Our climate accounting also provides you with specific measures you can implement to reduce your company's emissions.

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What is a climate account?

A climate account provides an overview of which activities within a company cause greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they cause.

Using our automated climate account will provide several benefits for your company.

7 reasons why your company should have automated climate accounting:

Companies are facing an increasing number of laws and regulations to comply with, especially concerning environmental commitments and climate-related responsibilities. By integrating automated climate accounting, the company will achieve numerous advantages—both directly and indirectly.

1. Cut costs

Automated climate accounting reduces the company's costs in the short term and strengthens their finances in the long term. Current options involve manual climate accounting performed by consultants, which is both time-consuming and costly.

2. Prepared for the future

Numerous new regulations and CO2 taxes will soon impact the business world. Being prepared and having control over emissions will be profitable when these requirements come into effect.

3. Increased credibility

"Greenwashing" has emerged in recent years, where companies portray their products as more environmentally friendly than they actually are. This can include vague, exaggerated, or inaccurate claims about the products, constituting misleading marketing.

With automated climate accounting, you will gain greater trust as a company since you have actual figures on the company's emissions that can support efforts to reduce emissions.

4. Enhanced competitiveness

The focus on the environment and climate is increasing in line with expectations to choose and appear environmentally friendly. If your company chooses to focus on and invest in climate and the environment, it will increase attractiveness for customers, partners, employees, and investors.

5. Access to green financing and capital

Control over the company's greenhouse gas emissions can also open up new opportunities and business areas. Companies actively engaging in sustainability find it easier to access green financing and capital.

6. Lead by example

With increased focus on climate and the environment, it becomes increasingly important for both individuals and companies to lead by example and prioritize gaining oversight and control over their greenhouse gas emissions. By being transparent in handling emissions reduction, a company can be perceived as more trustworthy, responsible, increase attractiveness, and lead by example.

7. Attract talent

Companies with a high commitment to sustainability are more attractive workplaces. In the quest for the best talent, dedicated sustainability efforts demonstrate the company's commitment and thus attract—and retain—the best people.