When Edgar applied for a job at 24SevenOffice, a position was tailored specifically for him.

Written by: Camilla Therese Øino -

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Edgar Bjørntvedt (40) wanted to work for 24SevenOffice, but there were no advertised positions at that time. His initiative, expertise, and proficiency led to his hiring


- "There wasn't any advertised position here, but I reached out to my brother, who works at the office in Skien. I inquired about potential opportunities and if there was a need for personnel. At that moment, there weren't any available positions. However, shortly after that conversation, 24SevenOffice began a restructuring. The timing couldn't have been better. I was interested and motivated, and they made a spot for me. It was exciting!

Bjørntvedt has been working at 24SevenOffice since 2014. After a few years in Oslo, the 40-year-old and his family chose to move back to Skien. He worked for a few years at another company before being hired at 24SevenOffice as a developer.

He is extremely satisfied with the job change.

- "It was in high school that my interest in data and programming really took off. During high school, I got introduced to programming, and I was hooked. In my third year, I wrote my first program, and it was like 'wow.' I enjoy making things happen, and I quickly realized that this was for me. I was constantly creating things in my childhood and dreamed of becoming an inventor. As a developer, I can now create and invent things every day."

Freedom and the opportunity to make many decisions independently, a strong support culture, and great colleagues are some of the factors that contribute to Edgar's satisfaction in his role


The freedom and the ability to make many decisions independently are something the 40-year-old greatly appreciates at 24SevenOffice.

- "What I value in this workplace is the freedom. We can try out new things, and if something doesn't work, we sit down and solve it together. There's a low threshold for reaching out to someone, and I find there's generally a strong support culture. We work as a team and assist where we can. Everyone is proactive and wants the same things. The employees hold each other and those around them to high standards. If someone makes a mistake, we don't waste time pointing fingers, but rather, we try to figure out together what happened and quickly resolve the issue. And most importantly, learn from it for next time.

Bjørntvedt highlights the work environment and flexibility as key factors for satisfaction.

- "I'm very happy here. We have great colleagues, and we have a strong and supportive environment. 24SevenOffice is extremely meticulous about building culture and who they hire. We're probably a bit picky to achieve the level of excellence we want, and we prioritize work environment and knowledge."

There are very talented people working here. They are dedicated to their work and give their all, which I find very rewarding.

— Edgar Bjørntvedt, Developer at 24SevenOffice