Simon received offers for several positions, but he chose 24SevenOffice for specific reasons.

Written by: Camilla Therese Øino -

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Since September 2021, Simon Holthe Hansen (29) has been working at 24SevenOffice as a developer. Flexibility and local ties were some of the reasons he accepted the offer.


"I knew some people who worked here, so I reached out to learn about the daily work life and the office environment in Skien. I went through several rounds with other companies before deciding on 24SevenOffice. The fact that they have a local presence was very important to me when choosing a new place to work. And not least, the opportunity to choose my own technology and continuously improve my expertise in the field."

The 29-year-old attended an automation program in high school and subsequently earned a bachelor's degree in computer science and industrial automation.

Simon says the best part of being a developer is the freedom to choose how he solves the tasks.


- "I didn't have a concrete plan from a young age, but all these small choices I've made along the way have led me to where I am today, and I really enjoy what I do."

After a short time in this job, Holthe Hansen has gained insight into a flexible, structured, and positive workday for himself and his colleagues.

- "It's flexible working here, and there's a lot of freedom. There have been a few years of working from home, and this is something the company has continued to offer for those who want it. Within the team, we're free to meet at the office or via screen. The most important thing is that you deliver and do what you're supposed to. I think that's a great arrangement."

As a 29-year-old keen on technology, he appreciates that one can choose their own technology when carrying out tasks at 24SevenOffice.

- "What's best for me as a developer is that we have so much freedom to choose how we solve the tasks. Each team is completely autonomous, and we don't need approval from others. We choose our own solutions and the type of technology we think is best for the tasks. This means we all get to make decisions, and we use technology that we personally like."

Simon enjoys the variety in his days but also appreciates the good structure in task resolution.

- "We work in sprints of three weeks at a time. I use the morning to orient myself about what I need to do that day. What tasks remain, and if anyone needs anything from me. Then my entire team meets for a stand-up meeting where we map out, distribute, and plan the day. Right after the meeting, we gather in small groups or pairs to discuss issues or work together if something comes up."

Holthe Hansen describes 24SevenOffice as a safe and good workplace where people are taken seriously.

"We are constantly hiring here, always on the lookout for talented individuals. 24SevenOffice is committed to continuous improvement."

— Simon Holthe Hansen, Developer at 4SevenOffice

- "There's a short distance from feedback to action, and both encouragement and expectations exist for employees to contribute their ideas. Courageous and curious are two of our values, and I believe 24SevenOffice actually acts on those things others merely talk about. Here, you can truly create the workplace you want."