The Høyer Group chose 24SevenOffice as their ERP system.

Written by: Camilla Therese Øino -

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In competition with all the relevant ERP systems in Norway, 24SevenOffice was chosen as the supplier for the Høyer Group after a thorough process based on a range of specifications.

Inge Nygaard Høyer og Chris Pedersen 24SevenOffice

One of the key factors considered was the ability to manage accounting across multiple companies, flexible reporting for management and at the conglomerate level, while also ensuring that the systems in place were cloud-based, reliable, and met Høyer's requirements for efficiency in record-keeping and workflow.

Impressive Growth

The Høyer conglomerate is comprised of numerous retail businesses and agencies within the fashion industry, boasting well-known brands such as By Malene Birger, DAY, 2nd DAY, DAY Home, NN07, and Sand in its portfolio.

Experiencing impressive expansion in recent times, the Høyer portfolio recorded a turnover of 338 million Norwegian kroner in 2016, indicating a notable four percent rise from the preceding year.

Today, you can find well over 20 Høyer stores in Norway, including locations in Oslo, Arendal, Bergen, Bodø, Grimstad, Halden, and more on the way. Additionally, the company holds smaller ownership stakes in franchise companies.

Our partner, Faktor Regnskap, also evaluated 24SevenOffice as the best system – and the most efficient for ongoing accounting. They actually found that the system stood out so much that they now intend to move the entire agency's client portfolio over to 24SevenOffice.

— Inge Nygaard, CFO in Høyer

Effective bookkeeping, workflow, and reporting

The company has its own finance department, which handles invoice receipts, remittances, invoicing, and analysis/reporting, while all the accounts are maintained by Høyer's partner, Faktor Regnskap.

"After our assessment, 24SevenOffice came out on top in terms of daily use. We find that the screenshots, workflow, and efficiency are the best in this solution, compared to other systems in the Norwegian market. The forms are clear and intuitive, the flow is instantaneous, and great emphasis has been placed on making it simple and easy to register vouchers," says Inge Nygaard, CFO at Høyer.

"Our partner, Faktor Regnskap, also considered 24SevenOffice as the best system - and the most efficient for ongoing accounting. They actually found the system so outstanding that they are now moving the entire agency's client portfolio to 24SevenOffice," Nygaard continues.

Seamlessly integrated with Front Systems and OneStop Reporting

All Høyer's stores use the Front Systems cash register system solution. In addition, they use Front's solution for the company's online store venture.

"Front is the heart of the store's operations, as all the information we need to manage and optimize the flow of goods in each store is here. When Front is connected to the voucher flow and accounting in 24SevenOffice, as well as our standard reports and customized reports in One Stop Reporting, we will have completely new and amazing opportunities to analyze all aspects of the business."

"Our main focus going forward is on the flow of goods. That is, how we can have the best possible control over the goods throughout the process - from supplier to end customer. It is not only important to pick the right items from various manufacturers, but it is equally important to handle the goods from the moment they are ordered until they leave the store. It goes without saying that if an item is not in the right store at the right time, it will not be sold."

"We think the combination of Front and 24SevenOffice is very exciting. They are two dynamic companies founded on the same idea that systems should be cloud-based and easily accessible, which suits us perfectly. Moreover, both companies were founded by Norwegian entrepreneurs with a genuine interest in their field - and who are also involved in the company's daily operations and development. Just like ourselves! We are really looking forward to getting started. Or rather, we are already underway," concludes Nygaard.