24SevenOffice Group AB enters into a strategic partnership with Aspia Norge

Written by: Rebecca Paulina van Vuuren, Head of Marketing Operations i 24SevenOffice -

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Aspia Norge has selected 24SevenOffice as one of its preferred accounting systems after an extensive evaluation of ERP providers in the Norwegian market. This collaboration holds immense possibilities for growth and the integration of additional upsell modules. Together, 24SevenOffice and Aspia Norge aim to achieve ambitious growth targets and provide top-notch solutions to their mutual customers.

Pressemelding 24SevenOffie Aspia

24SevenOffice, a leading provider of a cloud-based ERP system, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aspia Norge, which is the Norwegian branch of Aspia AB, one of the largest and most recognized financial houses in the Nordic region with tens of thousands of clients.

This exciting collaboration comes after careful consideration from Aspia Norge, which has chosen 24SevenOffice as one of its preferred accounting system after a thorough evaluation of various ERP providers in the Norwegian market. The cooperation agreement has a significant upside potential pending on the roll-out speed and additional 24SevenOffice upsell modules such as payroll and payment & debt collection.

With Aspia Norge currently servicing a wide area in the Norwegian market, they are determined to achieve ambitious growth in the future. 24SevenOffice is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative and looks forward to helping Aspia reach their growth targets across Norway

"We are both proud and humble to enter into this strategic partnership with Aspia Norway, which represents an important step towards realizing our common goal. Together, we will continue to offer first-class solutions of high quality and help our mutual customers achieve success on their own terms."

— Eirik Aa. Stranden, CEO at 24SevenOffice

"We are particularly excited to work closely with Torben Torbjørnsen and his team, a highly esteemed industry veteran with a wealth of experience in building robust accounting firms in the Norwegian market. Torben's track record speaks for itself, and his expertise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in our collaborative efforts. This collaboration strengthens our ability to deliver added value to our customers and is yet another testament to our journey to become the strongest ERP and business system provider in the Nordics," says Stranden.

“Choosing 24SevenOffice as one of our main systems and partner in Norway was a decision made after careful consideration of the needs of Aspia Norge and the value that we want to deliver to our clients. 24SevenOffice's cloud-based ERP system stood out for its robust features, user-friendly interface, and the flexibility it offers to adapt to our specific requirements. We are excited about this partnership and confident that it will help us achieve our goal of being a leading provider of business operation services in Norway'', says Torben Torbjørnsen, CEO of Aspia Norge.


Brief about Aspia Norway:

Aspia Norge is part of Aspia AB, one of the largest and most recognized financial houses in the Nordic region. The group currently serves 16 000 customers, generating a significant annual turnover and employing 1 400 high skilled people across its various locations. The group is a rapidly growing national provider of services and products related to business operations such as accounting, tax, payroll, and advisory.


Brief about 24SevenOffice:

24SevenOffice's vision is to empower businesses for the future by delivering first-class business systems based on cloud technology. The business system is modular, with modules offered separately or as complete solutions. For more information, see www.24sevenoffice.com.


For more information about this partnership, please contact:

Eirik Aalvik Stranden – CEO 24SevenOffice / Tel: +47 247 00 030, eas@24sevenoffice.com
Torben Torbjørnsen – CEO Aspia Norway / Tel: +47 951 15 555, torben.torbjornsen@aspia.no