24SevenOffice Presentation at Redeye's SaaS Seminar

Written by: Rebecca Paulina van Vuuren, Head of Marketing Operations i 24SevenOffice -

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24SevenOffice Group AB presented at Redeye’s prestigious SaaS seminar, joining other top Nordic SaaS companies. We highlighted our strong market position, significant Q1 growth of 33%, and impressive profitability with a 22.5% EBITDA margin. Our participation underscores our commitment to innovation and continuous growth within the SaaS industry.

On June 5th, 24SevenOffice Group AB had the honor of presenting at Redeye’s prestigious SaaS seminar together with other leading Nordic SaaS companies. This event brought together industry leaders to showcase the latest trends and innovations in Software as a Service from many outstanding SaaS companies.

We are proud to be part of the Nordic SaaS ecosystem and grateful for the continuous support Redeye has shown by inviting us yet another year. We look forward to participating in future presentations and continuing to share our progress and innovations with investors.

Investors were particularly interested in our strong market position and consistent track record of growth, now also turning profitable from Q1. We shared insights into our financial performance, underscoring our robust revenue streams and strategic initiatives aimed at driving future profitable growth. 

Key financial highlights

  • 24SevenOffice grew more than twice as much as the median Nordic SaaS companies with 33% in Q1, compared to the SaaS median growth of 15%
  • 24SevenOffice was more profitable than the median, with an EBITDA margin of 22,5%
  • 24SevenOffice is part of an exclusive group of Rule of 40 companies with a combined growth and EBITDA margin of 55
  • 24SevenOffice has a NRR of 120% in 2023, which is above the Nordic median of 109%

To read our quarterly reports and for more information about 24SevenOffice Group AB for investors see our investor relations site.


Source: https://www.redeye.se/research/1007799/redeye-saas-update-q1-2024-improved-profitability-and-growth-stabilized-genai-worries-across-the-pond

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