Strategic Partnership: 24SevenOffice Teams Up with Norway's Largest Accounting Franchise ØkoRåd AS

Written by: Rebecca Paulina van Vuuren, Head of Marketing Operations i 24SevenOffice -

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24SevenOffice has entered into a strategic partnership with ØkoRåd AS, Norway's largest accounting franchise, to strengthen its market position. The partnership is expected to increase 24SevenOffice's annual recurring revenue (ARR) by at least 5 million SEK and contribute to delivering added value to ØkoRåd's customers through advanced ERP solutions.

24SevenOffice and ØkoRåd AS

24SevenOffice, a leading provider of cloud-based ERP systems, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ØkoRåd AS, Norway's largest franchise in accounting services.

The recent merger of ØkoRåd AS and Vekstra AS, two of the largest accounting service franchises in Norway, formed ØkoRåd AS to become the largest chain in the country.

This collaboration is expected to drive significant growth for 24SevenOffice, with an anticipated increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of at least 5 million SEK in the short term.

Following a thorough evaluation of ERP vendors in the Norwegian market, ØkoRåd AS has selected 24SevenOffice as one of its preferred accounting systems. This partnership aims to enhance the value ØkoRåd AS delivers to its clients through 24SevenOffice's efficient, user-friendly, and highly customizable ERP solutions.

The partnership agreement holds great potential, depending on the deployment speed and adoption of additional modules from 24SevenOffice, such as payroll and payment & collection.

"We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with ØkoRåd, one of the leading accounting service chains in Norway, marking another significant step towards becoming the preferred software partner for all the top accounting firms in the Nordic region," says Eirik Stranden, CEO of 24SevenOffice.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to providing top-notch ERP solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients."

— Eirik Aa. Stranden, CEO, 24SevenOffice

"Selecting 24SevenOffice as one of our few main systems and partners in Norway aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering impact and real value to all of our clients across sectors and industries," says Trond Brenden, CEO of ØkoRåd AS.

"This all-in-one solution can streamline various business processes, reducing the need for multiple software solutions. As customers expand, 24SevenOffice can accommodate increased data and more complex accounting needs without requiring a switch to a different platform. We are confident that this partnership will help us solidify our position as a leading provider of business operation services in Norway."


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The strategic partnership between 24SevenOffice and ØkoRåd AS marks a significant milestone for both companies, paving the way for innovation and growth in accounting and business solutions in Norway. Together, they will deliver tailored, efficient, and forward-thinking solutions that provide customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

With a shared goal of enhancing business processes and increasing value creation, both 24SevenOffice and ØkoRåd look forward to a successful future together.

About ØkoRåd AS

ØkoRåd AS is dedicated to providing exceptional accounting services and financial advice with a strong sense of professional pride and enthusiasm. With offices across 72 locations in Norway, ØkoRåd AS is committed to delivering top-tier services to its clients.