Carbon Accounting

Gain full control over your company's emissions with climate accounting from 24SevenOffice. We use AI to calculate carbon footprints, monitor emissions in real-time, and generate actions for climate-positive impact.


What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon Accounting is an overview of a company's total greenhouse gas emissions. The climate accounting highlights which activities give the largest emissions of greenhouse gases and where the company should focus efforts on emission reduction measures.

Our climate accounting is developed by sustainability experts following the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, which is the most widely used and recognized standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions.


How it works

  • Sign up - register, fill out details about your company, and choose a plan.

  • Connect - you can seamlessly integrate Carbon Accounting with your ERP system and your data.

  • Dive into your dashboard - explore the tools, analyses, insights, and concrete actions you can take.

Carbon Accounting with 24SevenOffice

Automated calculation of emissions.

  • The company's carbon footprint is calculated using AI, based on its own financial data

  • Monitor the company's emissions in real-time

  • Download climate reports with customized indicators

Strategic work with sustainable operations

  • Insight into your own carbon footprint is the best foundation for strategic efforts towards more sustainable operations

  • Relevant measures for emission reduction are provided based on your company's actual carbon footprint

  • Follow an action plan towards net-zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement

Innovative and profitable

  • Replaces time- and resource-consuming manual processes

  • Increases attractiveness to customers, partners, employees, and investors

  • Being prepared for new legal requirements and sustainability regulations is profitable

Reduce your journey to Net zero

An increasing number of companies are setting ambitious goals for net-zero emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. Carbon Accounting will serve as the foundation for strategic emission reduction efforts.

Traditional Carbon Accounting and sustainability reporting are both time-consuming and costly. Manual data identification, manual data capture, analysis, and reporting are very cumbersome processes.

24SevenOffice simplifies Carbon Accounting with the help of artificial intelligence. A straightforward integration provides your company with access to up-to-date, valuable dashboards and reports that streamline the journey to net-zero emissions.



Clear dashboards make it easy to gain control over the company's emissions and provide the opportunity to monitor emissions in real-time.

Emissions in three categories

A simple integration with our Carbon Accounting will uncover your company's emissions in an instant. A clear dashboard displays emissions categorized as scope 1, 2, and 3.

The company can monitor its own emissions in real-time and download reports as needed. Based on the company's carbon footprint and industry, relevant measures to reduce emissions and increase the company's climate-positive impact will be generated. It doesn't get any simpler or smarter.

Scope 1: Direct emissions

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy consumption

Scope 3: Indirect emissions related to the value chain


Frequently askes questions

  • Businesses play a crucial role in helping the global community achieve the ambition of net-zero emissions by 2050. In the near future, many new legal requirements, taxes, and regulations related to Carbon Accounting and sustainability reporting will impact the business world. It is wise to be prepared when these requirements come into effect.

    Carbon Accounting provides businesses with valuable insights into their own environmental impact. It highlights which activities result in greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, Carbon Accounting reveals where a company should focus its efforts and implement measures for carbon-positive impact.

    Carbon Accounting makes it easier to compare the company's emissions with other company's both nationally and globally. It is particularly useful to compare performance at the industry level against similar businesses with comparable operations and products.

    Carbon Accounting displays a company's total climate impact and serves as a vital tool to showcase emission reductions over time. Carbon Accounting is a critical starting point for communicating a company's specific improvements and its positive carbon impact over time.

  • Automated Carbon Accounting replaces several manual processes, saving businesses both time and money.

    An automated Carbon Accounting system can be monitored in real-time to ensure emission reduction and maximize the company's climate-positive impact.

    We use AI to generate relevant industry-specific measures based on the company's unique carbon footprint and tailored to its needs.

    Companies with full control over carbon accounting lead as clear actors contributing to the green transition. A strong and goal-oriented sustainability profile is a differentiating factor in the competition for the best employees, customers, partners, and investors.

    Companies using Carbon Accounting as a management tool contribute to the global ambition of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

  • The most important thing businesses can do is to first gain insight into their own carbon footprint. This insight should be used to set goals for emission reduction and climate-positive impact.

    With 24SevenOffice Carbon Accounting, businesses will gain an overview of their emissions. We use AI to generate relevant industry-specific measures based on the company's unique carbon footprint and tailored to its needs.

We simplify the journey to net-zero

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