How DigiTALL Uses 24SevenOffice to Streamline Accounting Processes and Provide Value to Clients

Written by: Camilla Therese Øino -

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The accounting firm DigiTALL has been a loyal partner of 24SevenOffice since 2013, and has been on an exciting journey over the past 10 years. The firm believes that 24SevenOffice continues to evolve and grow with the business, delivering what they – and their clients – need.


- The accounting process is becoming increasingly automated, which raises the demand and expectations for us accountants to provide value to our clients in other ways. The system of 24SevenOffice is so automated and intelligent that we can now serve as advisors, support system, partners, and reporters for our clients to a greater extent, says Endre Lereim, a certified accountant at DigiTALL.

Currently, our accounting firm utilizes several products from 24SevenOffice, including accounting software, invoicing, payroll system, reminders and debt collection, as well as time registration with Busy.

By using 24SevenOffice, both we and our clients save a lot of time. This allows all parties to spend their time on what's important – creating value instead of dealing with manual, more time-consuming processes that can be done with a single keystroke.

— State Authorized Accountant at DigiTALL, Endre Lereim

Less clicking and more time for value creation

According to Lereim, the requirements for accountants have changed from before. They no longer sit and "punch" numbers; now they are expected to have a holistic understanding of the finances as the accounting process becomes more automated.

– Nowadays, we are tasked with providing our customers with assistance in navigating the accounting system, as well as offering financial advice and support. A prerequisite is that the system we work in is easy and simple to use, but that is not always the case, he says.

He finds that many systems require far more clicks than 24SevenOffice before actually reaching the goal.

– By using 24SevenOffice, both we and our customers save a lot of time. This allows all parties to spend their time on what is important - creating value rather than dealing with manual, more time-consuming processes that can actually be done with a press of a button, he explains.


The system can expand in sync with the company's growth


24SevenOffice is a scalable modular system that allows you to build it up by activating modules on the dashboard as your business needs arise. The beauty of this system is that it grows with your company, expanding in sync with your growth.

– 24SevenOffice's system offer an abundance of functionality, unlike many other systems I have worked with," explains Christian Hermanrud, CEO of DigiTALL. "If you have a good understanding of the system, you can customize 24SevenOffice to meet any specific needs you may have. It truly offers a sense of freedom.

Having a flexible system with numerous possibilities is particularly valuable when dealing with diverse clients and their individual needs. It reduces the need to juggle multiple systems, making everything more streamlined and efficient.

As an accounting firm user in the 24SevenOffice system, you have extremely good control over all clients and their accesses – the access management and client administration are exceptionally good.

— CEO, DigiTALL AS, Christian Hermanrud

You are in complete control

– As a user and accounting firm user in the 24SevenOffice system, you also have extremely good control over all customers and their access - it has an incredibly effective access control and client administration, he explains.

According to Hermanrud, this ensures efficient and helpful assistance to customers.

– As an administrator, you have complete control yourself - you don't have to spend a lot of time contacting external individuals who can provide your customers with necessary access - you can easily do it yourself with just a few keystrokes. For example, I can activate the payroll module for only one person when needed.



SPACIOUS OFFICE: DigiTALL boasts expansive and roomy premises located in Billingstad.


Easily connect to different systems

Like many other accounting partners, DigiTALL also agrees that 24SevenOffice has a great API solution.

– When it comes to the API solution, you guys have really been on top of it, ensuring seamless integration with other systems such as inventory and logistics. This is a huge advantage when working with multiple clients as an accounting firm, says Hermanrud.

Everything is easy to connect, and the systems seamlessly retrieve information from each other. The solution also allows for the integration of systems that the customer requires.


Fewer touchpoints for customers to deal with

The accounting firm aims to be a single point of contact for customers if they have questions or experience issues with a system. They can then take it up with the provider themselves, reducing the number of people the customer has to deal with.

– The API solution makes it easier for us to be a liaison between the customer and system providers. When we sell a solution, we have expertise in all areas to ensure everything works seamlessly together, he adds.


Innovative from the start

DigiTALL has been a loyal customer of 24SevenOffice for over 10 years and is an avid user of multiple systems. Since then, they have built much of their operations around 24SevenOffice.

– Initially, we chose to use the accounting and finance system from 24SevenOffice because it was ahead of its time. But now, we continue to use the system because the company continues to think innovatively and stay up to date, says Lereim.