24SevenOffice ERP provides Hero Eiendom with better control and increased efficiency

Written by: Rebecca Paulina van Vuuren, Head of Marketing Operations i 24SevenOffice -

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Managing real estate can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. By using smart technology and automated solutions, you can quickly achieve substantial efficiency and revenue gains whether you are involved in leasing, development, or management.

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– As a property manager, the ERP system provided by 24SevenOffice offers clear benefits in terms of improved control and increased efficiency, says Hero Eiendom's CFO, Thomas Nguyen.

By implementing automated and digital processes, the property company has quickly achieved significant gains in efficiency and profitability.

– The Accounting system from 24SevenOffice allows us to work transparently and seamlessly across all legal entities. We have eliminated manual processes, eliminated sources of error, and overall improved data quality. This means we have freed up time to focus on the profitable aspects of the management process, says Nguyen.

As an auditor, I saw that the clients had good experiences with 24SevenOffice.

— Thomas Nguyen, Hero Eiendom

The property company has been a customer of 24SevenOffice for four years, and as an auditor, Thomas was well acquainted with the solutions in 24SevenOffice through the experiences of clients.

24SevenOffice is my favorite system above all, primarily because of its user-friendliness and strong customer focus - they are proactive and always at the forefront when it comes to evolving in line with customer needs.

— Thomas Nguyen, Hero Eiendom

- Initially, Hero Eiendom utilized another cloud-based system that didn't quite meet our satisfaction. Drawing from my background as a auditor, I was well acquainted with 24SevenOffice through various companies that had positive experiences with the system.

One obvious advantage, as pointed out by Nguyen, is that the ERP solution provided by 24SevenOffice is highly user-friendly.

- That's why it's my favorite system above all else. As a real estate company, benefiting from recurring income, invoicing, and automatic bank reconciliation, among other features, it works incredibly well for us, says Nguyen.

The choice fell on 24SevenOffice partly because they are development-oriented and proactive - it speaks volumes that they were already in the cloud in 1997.

— Thomas Nguyen, Hero Eiendom

What sets 24SevenOffice apart from other providers?

– Based on my experience, many business systems are quite similar. I chose 24SevenOffice because they are the most user-friendly and forward-thinking, with a strong focus on development. The fact that they were already in the cloud in 1997 speaks volumes about their forward-looking approach.

Additionally, they are affordable and have a strong customer focus. I have been following 24SevenOffice for several years, as an auditor and now as a CFO in a real estate company, and I can see that their systems are constantly improving. They are extremely responsive, actively seeking feedback and suggestions for improvement, and then evolving to meet the needs of their customers.


Which modules would you not be able to do without?

– We utilize almost all modules of a comprehensive ERP system.

The only one that remains to be activated is the AI module, which will work exceptionally well in the real estate industry, characterized by numerous repetitive transactions - an easy task for a robot to handle. Almost all real estate companies are structured so that a company owns a property, and if you have a property, it is a company. This means that they have the same transactions and calculation basis in all companies.


Where do you get the most value from using 24SevenOffice?

– We save a lot of time and streamline all repetitive tasks, which has a positive impact on the bottom line. At the same time, 24SevenOffice is affordable. The greatest benefit is the comprehensive and clear control that the system provides us, says Nguyen.